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I love the beauty of the natural world: the splendour of a countryside landscape; the drama of a bird as it swoops from the sky; the intricate pattern of its feathers, invisble to the naked eye; the bold and subtle shades of flowers and plant-life; their intricate form and mathematically precise structure; the minute world of insects and arachnids, living complex lives unseen by us.

I am inspired to capture a tiny part of this beauty and present it to you on screen and print. It is incredible that through the combined technologies of optics, microelectronics and software, it is possible to produce images that reflect the wonders of nature, the colours, form, detail and drama that is all around us, sometimes conspicuous, at other times invisible to our naked eyes.

Through my pictures I strive to reveal this beauty, stretching my own artistic ability and the technological capabilities of my equipment to express to you, as best I can, the wonder, character and amazing variety of the planet we inhabit.

The Photographer - Steve Knibbs LRPS

self portraits

I lived in Wotton-Under-Edge since 1995, moving to Chipping Sodbury in 2008.   Favourite locations include the Cotswolds, Cornwall and Wales.   I am a member of the Royal Photographic Society and have been awarded the Licenciateship distinction (LRPS).   I hope you enjoy the pictures on this web site.


I welcome any comments on the photographs or the web site.   Please contact me here.



I use a Canon EOS 40D digital SLR camera.   I am extremely pleased with the picture quality this camera produces.   When I need to travel light I use a Panasonic Lumix DMC G1 or Canon G9 compact camera.


I use a Sigma 17-70 F/2.8-4.5 lens for wide angle and standard focal length pictures.   This is a very versatile lens, covering a useful range of focal lengths and capable of focusing as close as 20cm.   The image quality is much better than the standard Canon 18-55mm lens.

For telephoto work I use a 300 f/4L IS, from Canon's 'L' range of professional quality lenses.   This lens produces superb quality pictures and is my main lens for wildlife photography.

I use a Canon 100mm macro lens for close-up work.   It also makes a good general purpose short telephoto lens.   Picture quality from this lens is excellent.


I fit a UV filter to my lenses to protect them from general wear and tear.   I sometimes use a polarising filter to enhance blue skies, reduce glare and increase colour saturation.


I print my photographs on an Epson R2880 printer, which prints up to A3 size prints.   In my experience, the print quality is generally as good as or better than professional printing companies.   The archival quality of the Epson ink and paper is reputed to be extremely good.   I use genuine Epson ink and Epson's premium quality photo paper or Ilford's smooth gloss paper.   For greeting cards, I use WH Smiths prefolded A6 gloss or A5 matt greeting cards.

I also use professional printing companies.   My current favorite is

Camera Support Equipment

Although I take many of my photographs 'handheld', there are occasions when a proper camera support is essential.   My general purpose tripod is a Velbon Ultra-Luxi-F, which is an extremely convenient, light-weight tripod.   It can be erected and refolded very quickly by simply twisting the bottom of the legs and extending to the required length.   It folds small enough to put in a backpack.

When I need more stability or versatility than the Velbon, I use a Benbo Trekker Mk2 tripod.   It is not as portable as the Velbon but is sturdier, more weather resistant and can put a camera in just about any position imaginable, including right down to ground level.   I have the strangely named Velbon Ultra Maxi Mini tripod for table-top or low-level work.

For all my tripods, I use a manfrotto ball head, which I find provides more control than the 'pan and tilt' heads that are supplied with some tripods.

I use a beanbag for low level photography.   It can also be rested on a convenient fence post and used as a support for general photography.

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